Seedling care

Seedlings are young plants that are grown from seeds in nurseries and then transplanted into the ground. They require special care and attention to ensure that they develop into healthy and productive plants. Soil Preparation The first step in caring for permaculture seedlings is to prepare the soil. The soil must be loose, well-drained, and …

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Keeping a journal of your permaculture garden is an invaluable tool for tracking progress, identifying problems, and planning for the future. Permaculture is thought and knowledge intensive; it takes a holistic approach to growing plants, emphasizing working with nature and creating regenerative ecosystems, while taking into account the many variables in natural systems. Each experience …

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Seed Packets

Embark on a journey through the world of gardening as we explore the significance of seed catalogs, the wealth of information hidden within seed packets, the art of reading seed packets, the utility of gardening calendars, and the importance of proper seed storage. Discover how these invaluable resources can enhance your gardening experience and nurture …

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