lunchtime learning
grow an edible garden

Welcome to lunchtime learning with Vine Permaculture.

Please join us as we take you through a growing season for beginner gardeners using permaculture principles and techniques.

We will guide you through 15 weeks x 20 min episodes with a follow up by Podcast with Permaculture Designers discussing each topic further. 

Are you concerned about global issues?

Do you want to improve your mental and physical health?

Do you want to improve your community and environment?

Growing food using permaculture techniques will help you solve those problems.

Get the kids and your family involved also as we take you from complete beginner to producing your own food in 2023! We will teach you how to assess your space, figure out what you want to grow and walk you through all the steps from preparation to harvest.

This will require commitment from yourself but we will be there every step of the way to answer all your questions during our live streams and provide you with the support and community you need.

Through our podcast you can also listen to us when you’re gardening as we discuss how we got started and hopefully inspire you to keep gardening and open you up to the joy of eating food grown in your own garden.

If you have a small patio garden or a large homestead the principles are the same. What changes is how the different elements in your system interact as the size of your property scales up. What you learn in your patio garden will also help you if you ever get a bigger plot of land.

If we all grew some of our own food, we would save money, ease pressure on the supply chain and improve our own community interactions.

We start with an introductory [episode 0] of what you can expect starting Thursday and Fridays at lunchtime for 15 weeks..

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