Who are we?

Cormac Harkin
united kingdom

Cormac is located in Derry, Northern Ireland and he is the founder of Vine Permaculture. He has 10 years of experience in permaculture gardening and has worked on 20 permaculture designs and counting. He lives on a small urban plot and has experience raising chickens, worm farming, composting  and growing in an urban environment. 

Crystal Heier

Crystal is located in Australia. Crystal is an education specialist, has 3 PDCs, and a Permaculture Teaching Cert from Morag Gamble. Crystal has completed over 40 designs and is the creator of our free special education course. Crystal is also a TA for Geoff Lawton’s online PDC 2022 and a graduate from United Designers Advanced Ecological Design course.

mike jones

Certified in 2021 by Verge Permaculture, Mike lives “South of the Border” in Northern Vermont on his ever-developing permaculture farm. He is interested in harnessing and learning how energy flows through the homestead, from the sun raining photons from above to the pulsing mycorrhizal networks beneath our bare feet. Mike wants to help others recognize underappreciated forms of energy and income through Permaculture Design.

Guest sonono
designer and educator

Guest Sonono is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Guest is a Teaching Assistant for Geoff Lawton’s Online PDC 2022, an international permaculture designer, teacher, and a local youth leader. Guest specialises in small animal systems, teaching workshops, and creating content for youth education. He is a former track athlete and a current student of Morag Gamble.


Orlaith Hurley is a Grant Specialist with a background in Finance and Accountancy in the Manufacturing sector.  Orlaith supports start-ups, scale ups, SME’s and large multinational organisations to assess, develop, bid for and manage grant funding opportunities.  She has an international client base and has vast experience in writing grant applications as well as managing a portfolio of grants across a variety of regional, national, European and US award funding bodies.

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