homescale design

1 Hour Consultation

The consultation provides advice on the application of permaculture concepts to your property, a discussion of suitable plants for your climate, and advice on managing or improving existing plantings and features. If you decide to proceed with a design after a consultation, we will rebate 50% of the hourly fee off the design.

1/8 Acre Design

This design is for an urban or suburban property, creating garden space and perennial fruit and vegetable plantings. The design incorporates composting, rainwater collection, and small livestock (e.g. chickens, quail, rabbits), where these activities are allowed within local regulations.

1/4 Acre Design

The design for larger suburban or rural lots allows the inclusion of larger vegetable plots and small fruit orchards. Rainwater collection, composting, small livestock, and renewable energy options can also be included within the scope of this design, subject to local regulations.

Up to 1 Acre

For larger suburban and rural lots up to 1 acre, the design includes significant vegetable and fruit plantings, allows the inclusion of water features as well as all of the integration of composting, rainwater collection, renewable energy, and livestock (including larger animals such as goats).

1 Acre +

For rural acreages, consideration is given to a wider design scope that incorporates major water features, the design of swales for water collection, the inclusion of larger livestock (goats, cows, pigs etc.), fruit orchards, greenhouses, and forested areas.

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