The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 1: Rene Perrine

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Cormac Harkin of Vine Permaculture interviews Renee Perrine about her permaculture journey.


Renee is based in the Philippines.


Renee Araneta-Perrine is a certified Permaculture Designer, teaching in the newly built Tuminugan Permaculture Farm School with the goal of introducing Alternative Nation building through circular economies per bio region.


Co-Founder of Hineleban Foundation, Renee has linked the Indigenous People of Bukidnon with sustainable livelihoods through Arabica Coffee, Adlai (Job’s Tears) and Bamboo Cement Resilient Housing.


Tending to her organic vegetable farm, breeding horses, ducks, goats, pigs, sheep and chickens is part of her daily routine.

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