41. Connecting To Nature With Lindsay Brandon

The Permaculture Vine
The Permaculture Vine
41. Connecting To Nature With Lindsay Brandon

In episode 41 of the Permaculture Vine Podcast, Cormac Harkin chats with Lindsay Brandon of Food Forest Canada.

Lindsay Brandon is a permaculture designer and farmer located in southern Alberta, Canada. Lindsay is driven by a deep connection to the natural world and the belief that when we heal our relationship with the environment, we heal ourselves. With a background in performing arts, photography, and yoga studies, sharing permaculture with the world is a perfect blend of all the previous career paths she has traversed.
She is currently the Head of Design at Food Forest Abundance, where she leads a team of 40 designers from all over the globe to create permaculture designs for urban settings, homesteads, and demonstration sites. The next step is Eco-Villages, as she oversees projects in Ghana, Africa; the Sacred Valley in Peru; and Thailand. She is also a design mentor at Verge Permaculture, where she mentors emerging permaculturists and homesteaders.
Her continuing education includes studying microbiology with Elaine Ingham to deepen her understanding of microbiology and how the soil works, agroforestry with Mark Shephard to strengthen knowledge in perennial systems, as well as a unique interest in mycology and water. Lindsay’s work is her life’s work, and she is passionate and connected to the web unfolding before her as she has become a catalyst for innovative ideas, creating new systems, processes, and procedures to build the new world from a place of love.

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