Rainwater Collection

Why is Rainwater Collection Important? Collecting rainwater is important because it helps conserve water resources, reduces reliance on municipal water supplies, and provides a sustainable source of water for various purposes such as irrigation and household use. By capturing rainwater, individuals and communities can save money on water bills, mitigate the impact of droughts, and …

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6 Ways to Sow Seeds

There are many ways to start seeds. How you start seeds will depend on your circumstances and what you are looking to achieve. All seeds can be started in the ground. This is how they germinate in nature. Seeds will germinate when the conditions are right for each individual seed. We use these additional methods …

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What is a Chicken Garden?

A chicken garden, also known as a chicken-friendly garden, is a type of garden designed to accommodate and benefit both chickens and plants. It’s a harmonious integration of gardening with chicken-keeping, where the needs and behaviors of chickens are taken into consideration in the garden design.   Here, the art of gardening intertwines seamlessly with …

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