Permaculture Design Meets Landscape Architecture with Ben Dunn

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Ben Dunn is currently a Project Consultant with Hoffmann Hayes and a Master of Landscape Architecture student at U of T. He has 6 years of experience working across Canada as a researcher, public speaker, sustainability strategist, and permaculture designer. His intuition for systems thinking has allowed him to thrive while working on technical permaculture projects ranging from backyard to broad acre. Over the years, Ben has led over 400 events, online and in-person, with attendance upwards of 1,500 guests. His research has spanned the fields of psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary science, with presentations at 8 academic conferences across Canada and in the UK. Ben completed a BA, double major, in Psychology and Anthropology at UBC and holds certifications as both a Permaculture Designer and a Yoga Instructor.

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