Permaculture Education and Community Building in Portugal with Ângela Gonçalves

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Ângela Gonçalves is passionate about Permaculture and Ecological design and even more about Teaching, Learning and people. She’s keen on gardening, soils, seeds, fungi, worms and decision-making/ community management tools and methods. Food preservation and cooking have always been part of her everyday life. She has been a language teacher ( Portuguese, English and Spanish) since 2005 and started studying Permaculture in 2013 with Nuno Belchior, she has completed a PDC in 2015, at Biovilla, in Palmela and since then she facilitates courses related to Permaculture in Environmental Education Centres, schools, online, associations, etc. Links: Facebook: Escola de Permacultura Instagram: @escoladepermaculturapt

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