Permaculture Life and Education with Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 5

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Cormac Harkin and Calin Radulescu from Vine Permaculture interview Rakesh “Rootsman Rak” about Permaculture teaching and some of his projects.

An experienced Permaculture designer, teacher, forest garden specialist, yoga teacher, homeopath and reggae DJ. Rakesh has been designing and teaching permaculture to individuals and communities since 2009, and has taught over 500 permaculture, forest gardening, eco village design and related courses.

His permaculture design portfolio ranges from large scale forest gardens in eco villages through to many urban community food growing gardens, private farms and back gardens as well as designing collaborative businesses, urban water retention systems and even computer software and documentation systems.

Rakesh is also passionate about building communities, and the social side of permaculture, hence using sociocracy, dragon dreaming and other great tools and processes to create strong social bonds with clear ideas of how to creatively meet your needs in a project or community.

His own journey of self empowerment (learning how to make all the things you need for yourself rather than relying on the system to provide for you), includes eco architecture (low impact housing); capturing and storing energy (electricity, heat, lighting, etc); fuel efficient heating systems (rocket heaters and stoves); water capture, purification and recycling systems, natural beekeeping and so on.

All of these inform his teaching ability. He is one of the founders of the Children in Permaculture project (CiP), Youth in Permaculture (YiP) project, Roots n Permaculture Teachers Community, as well as the Roots n Permaculture Learning Community (for all his students).

So be prepared to go off on inspirational tangents occasionally.


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