The Permaculture vine podcast

The Permaculture Vine is for permaculture practitioners and professionals. We are on youtube at

Forest Gardening with Pippa Chapman of Those Plant People

Permaculture Roundtable: Education and Training For Permaculture Professionals

Entrepreneurship, Regenerative Agriculture, and Sustainable Living with Jesse tack of PINA

Permaculture In The Arts with Liz Postlethwaite

Permaculture Life in The Mountains with Caleb Hoffman

Working at the Boundary of Permaculture and Architecture with Jo Petroni

Urban and Rural Permaculture Homesteading with Kerry Brown of Strong Roots Resources

PINA: Permaculture Institute of North America

Drylands Permaculture Design in the Desert with Daniel Wilson

Sean Stanton: Building For Future Generations

Orion Black: Off-Grid Living, Permaculture Design, and Entrepreneurship

Permaculture Design Meets Landscape Architecture with Ben Dunn

The Full Permaculture Education Experience with Brandon Moncrief: From woofing to designer to GYGO!

Permaculture Farming with Mike Jones of Pensioner Pond Permaculture

Developing Lives and Businesses in Regenerative Ways with Sarah Spencer

Permaculture Education and Entrepreneurship in Lesotho, Africa with Ivan Yaholnitsky.

Permaculture Education and Community Building in Portugal with Ângela Gonçalves

Green Living and Money Coaching with Laura Oldanie

Learn to Build A Permaculture Business with Jose Ansoleaga Ayala

Practicing permaculture with no land of her own in Germany with Sabine Klee.

Native Stingless Australian Bees with Mark Payne of No Stings Attached

Permaculture in Romania with Andreas Pohl of Dupa Gard: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 11

Eco Hacker Permaculture Farming with Aimee Fenech: The Permaculture Vine Episode 10

Permaculture in Belize with Christopher Nesbitt: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 9

Transition to a Permaculture Career with Mike Hoag: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 8

Building an Exotic Permaculture Homestead with Dr Ian Scott: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 7

Digital Permaculture Design with Leszek Frankiewicz: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 6

Permaculture Life and Education with Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 5

Swiss Mountain Permaculture Farming with Colin Crawshaw: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 4

Sustainability and Permaculture with Dr Philipp Schuster: The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 3

The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 2: Katie Stout

The Permaculture Vine Podcast Episode 1: Rene Perrine

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