PDC To Professional Designers Course

PDC to Professional: Take Your Permaculture Design Skills to the Next Level – Limited availability beta course!

Beta Course $199.97

If you’ve completed a permaculture design certificate (PDC), you’re now armed with the knowledge you need to design and implement sustainable and resilient systems.


But how do you take your digital skills to the next level and start a career in permaculture?


The PDC to Professional course is designed to help you do just that. In this course, you’ll learn the skills you need to:

  • Communicate with clients, extracting the information you need to get the best design outcome for your clients
  • Learn to communicate your vision via digital design methods using Affinity Designer 2
  • Learn to use GUILDA, our plant database to build plant and food forest  guilds tailored to your clients grow zone.

By purchasing this course you get lifetime access to all future updates. The core design modules to get certified will be consistent, however we will be adding to all content as our community grows.


You will also have access to our designers community of entrepreneurs  where we can help each other in our journey of getting more clients, delivering them a fantastic product and earning a living doing what we love, healing the environment and being a  contributor to our communities. 


Take advantage of our early bird offering and get $100 off. This is a lifetime access course and we will be adding to the content as we learn more and bring you more value.


As we add and create more content, the price will be increasing in future but you will never have to pay any more.


Module 1 Starts on the 1st October 2023

Ian headshot - Ian Scott
"The Vine Permaculture team brings only passionate, thorough assessment and skill to the permaculture design process. Having worked with Cormac, Crystal and Mike on a professional level, I highly recommend their PDC to Professional program. This program is designed to equip you with skills and tools to accelerate your pace to providing highly polished, professional design services to your clientele. I cannot recommend it enough and it is truly worth much more than the price."
Dr Ian Scott
Grow Your Grass Off

Why purchase PDC 2 PRO??

Learn From Experienced Designers

  • All the Vine instructors are experienced professionals
  • Over 80 professional digital designs completed
  • Experienced in assessing professional designs

Get Certified

  • Get Certified by an experienced designers
  • Your design will have to pass the high standard Vine would require off our designers to get your certificate.
  • You will be given feedback and a chance to update your design, just as would be expected if you were freelancing. 


Purchasing this course gets you lifetime access to an entrepreneurial permaculture design community. When you join the course you will gain access to our private Facebook group with working designers from around the world.

Course Modules

Welcome to the PDC to Professional Course

Introduction to your instructors at Vine Permaculture and an introduction to what you can expect throughout the course. 

We will not be teaching you permaculture techniques here, you should already have this in your knowledge bank if you are looking to be a professional designer. We will however be teaching you about how to communicate and use your knowledge to produce professional digital designs. 

Designers Kit

The designers toolbox has been produced to help new designers get a kick start in their permaculture business and career. We have included a process guide, client communication templates, checklists, resource guide for the USA, a guide for building guilds, guild examples, and an instructional guide on how to write the design report.

Introduction To Digital Design

  • Google Earth Pro – Build a Base Map
  • Affinity Design 2 Basic Tools
  • Title Block Template
  • Assignment

Scaling Your Design

  • Choosing a Property
  • Build a Sector Map
  • Scaling Calculator
  • Assignment

Layers and Plotting

  • Design Using Layers – Water, Access, Structures and More
  • Plotting Existing features
  • Designing For Success
  • Assignment

Technology Stack

  • Building A WordPress Website
  • Social Media
  • Business Tools
  • Graphics & Video

Introduction To GUILDA

  • Introduction to GUILDA
  • Signing Up For Your free 1 years access
  • Designing for Zones

Final Assessment

  • Using all the knowledge gained from previous modules you will complete a professional design.
  • We will go through our design QA process developed at Vine were you will receive feedback on your design and a chance to resubmit with any changes. 
  • You will only get certified if your design passes both functionality and form and you have completed all previous assignments

Bonus Module

  • Should you pursue the solopreneur journey or start freelancing, having a network of peers is very important to your professional journey
  • We will grow an Education, Careers, Business and Lifestyle Community
  • We hope to really expand our community of designers where we offer mutual support in our permaculture journeys
  • The Permaculture Vine Podcast &  Private Facebook group

Cormac Harkin

  • Engineer, Computer Scientist
  • Digital Designer
  • 20 digital designs completed professionally

Crystal Heier

  • Qualified Teacher – Morag Gamble
  • TA – Geoff Lawton
  • Vine Permaculture Head of Design

Mike Jones

Mike & Larry in the Summer
  • Creator, owner, operator of GUILDA, the plant database.
  • Digital Designer
  • Permaculture Farmer

Book a call now to chat to Cormac about the PDC2Pro course and how you can kick start your permaculture career and buisness!

PDC2PRO Permaculture Digital Design and Technology Beta


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Learn permaculture digital design, client communications, how to build a website for your portfolio and build plant guilds using Guilda. Get a head start on kicking off your permaculture career and business!

Week 1 starts 3rd June

  • Prerecorded classes
  • Weekly office hours
  • 1:1 feedback on your designs
  • Certificate of achievement – must pass final assignment!
  • Access to designers network
  • Full of resources from experienced designers

This is the beta version and is limited to 10 students. |It will never be this price again!

Instructors are:

Crystal Heier, Cynthia Acebo, Mike Jones, Cormac Harkin