Permaculture Designer Kit

We help environmentally conscious homeowners, who want to grow their own food but are not sure where to start, evaluate their options to develop a strategy for their property, so they can be confident they are developing their property in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


Welcome to Our Permaculture Designers Kit!

Are you interested in transforming your land into a thriving, sustainable, and regenerative ecosystem? Our expert permaculture designers are here to help! With our tailored consultation services, we can guide you on the path towards creating a resilient and sustainable landscape that supports biodiversity, conserves resources, and enhances productivity.

Why get a designers kit?

Save Time/Money

  • Avoid errors and missed opportunities before proceeding with work on the property?
  • Get advice on the best place to locate your garden
  • Get advice on what crops you can grow
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Higher Confidence

  • Get your plans for your garden validated by a designer
  •  have the confidence to get stuck in and start growing your own food
  • get advice on the different animal options for your property

Experienced Input

  • Can’t see the woods for the trees?
  • Having a conversation with an experience designer and grower will open you up to their knowledge and experience. 
  • They may just see something you have missed about your property. 

Features of a Property Consultation

What do you get?

  1. Process Manual For New Designers
  2. Client Questionnaire
  3. New Designer Checklist – Process
  4. Sector Resources
  5. Site Visit Checklist
  6. Final Design Checklist
  7. Design report – Template
  8. Plant Guild Infographic
  9. Free Guild Collections

We combine years of designing experience to get you started in your designers journey. 

Permaculture Designers Kit


Permaculture Designers Kit



This product has been produced to help new designers get a kick start in their permaculture business and career. We have included a process guide, client communication templates, checklists, resource guide for the USA, a guide for building guilds, guild examples, and an instructional guide on how to write the design report.

We will be adding to this product as we go and this purchase price includes access to any further updates.


Purchasing this product will give you access to the course on our education portal and community of designers and learners.