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We help environmentally conscious homeowners, who want to grow their own food but are not sure where to start, evaluate their options to develop a strategy for their property, so they can be confident they are developing their property in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Welcome to your free 30 minute consultation

Are you interested in transforming your land into a thriving, sustainable, and regenerative ecosystem? Our expert permaculture designers are here to help! With our tailored consultation services, we can guide you on the path towards creating a resilient and sustainable landscape that supports biodiversity, conserves resources, and enhances productivity.

Benefits of A Property Consultation

Save Time/Money

  • Avoid errors and missed opportunities before proceeding with work on the property?
  • Get advice on the best place to locate your garden
  • Get advice on what crops you can grow
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Higher Confidence

  • Get your plans for your garden validated by a designer
  •  have the confidence to get stuck in and start growing your own food
  • get advice on the different animal options for your property

Experienced Input

  • Can’t see the woods for the trees?
  • Having a conversation with an experience designer and grower will open you up to their knowledge and experience. 
  • They may just see something you have missed about your property. 

Ready to Create a Thriving Permaculture Landscape?

Take the first step towards creating a sustainable and regenerative ecosystem on your land. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our permaculture design experts. Together, we can transform your landscape into a productive, biodiverse, and resilient system that benefits you and the planet.

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