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As a permaculture business we offer services to support businesses in improving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. 

Sustainable Design and Implementation:

We provide consulting and design services to help businesses incorporate permaculture principles into their operations and facilities. This could include designing sustainable landscapes, regenerative agriculture systems, water and waste management systems, and renewable energy solutions that align with permaculture ethics and principles.

Training and Education

We offer training and education programs to businesses to help them understand and implement permaculture practices in their operations. This includes workshops, seminars, and training sessions on permaculture design, regenerative agriculture, soil health, biodiversity conservation, and other related topics.

Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation

We offer ecosystem restoration and conservation services, which includes ecological assessments, habitat restoration, native species planting, and biodiversity monitoring. This could help your businesses offset your environmental impacts and contribute to their ESG or CSR goals related to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration.

Circular Economy Solutions

We provide guidance and solutions for businesses to transition towards a circular economy, which includes reducing waste, recycling, upcycling, and creating closed-loop systems. This involves conducting waste audits, developing circular economy strategies, and implementing circular economy practices that align with permaculture principles of resource conservation and utilization.

Social and Human Capitol Development

We assist businesses in enhancing their social and human capital by providing services such as community engagement, stakeholder consultation, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion strategies. This supports businesses in improving their ESG or CSR performance related to social and human capital considerations, which include aspects such as community well-being, employee welfare, and social equity.

Sustainability Reporting and Metrics

We help businesses develop sustainability reporting frameworks and metrics to track and measure their progress towards their ESG or CSR goals. This involves developing sustainability indicators, conducting sustainability assessments, and preparing sustainability reports that align with recognized reporting frameworks, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Partnership and Collaboration Building

We facilitate partnerships and collaborations between businesses and other stakeholders, such as local communities, NGOs, and government agencies, to implement joint sustainability initiatives. This involves stakeholder engagement, partnership development, and collaborative project management to foster collective action towards achieving sustainability goals.. 

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